Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain

Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain

Date(s) - 07/02/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

WeWork Labs


Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain



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speaker on stage

Tech Duels will convene hundreds of engineers and developers across all areas of technology. Come for the tool stack learning and tech debates, stay for the high-fives and ultra-diverse networking. Food & Drinks Included! Learn more about your career development, recruiting and retaining diverse tech talent, and more.

The next installment will feature professionals in Blockchain to deep dive into the strategies and use-cases that make them great, and defend against the not-so-great moments. It’s more than a lively debate, it’s a celebration of the developer talent in the Greater Washington, D.C. Region. Developers across industries, proficiency levels and more come to Tech Duels to connect, engage and educate.

judges and audience

Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain


5:45 PM Doors Open
6:00 – 6:45 PM Tech Duels Developer Mixer & Networking
6:45 PM Welcome by Tech Duels Team & Speaker Introductions
7:00 PM Speaker Introductions
7:15 – 8:15 PM Blockchain Debate
7:30 – 8:45 PM Awards: Winners, Runner-ups & Most Valuable Debater
8:45 – 9:00 PM Wrap Up

Agenda subject to change.


– This event space is wheelchair accessible, with ADA compliant entrance and restrooms.
– All ages welcome.
– Images and/or sound may be recorded at this event; by registering you consent to allow event organizers to use your likeness for promotional purposes.

Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain

speakers on stage


On February 7th, two debaters from each team will defend and advance the case for blockchain across two opposing views. This debate format encourages developers to come out of their shells and go head-to-head with other platforms and technologies.


Team A
speakers revealed soon

  • Tess Pereira, MLG Blockchain
  • Roshaan Khan, ORBCOMM


Team B

Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain

  • Hannah Robertson, Health Wizz
  • Nabeel Malik, Cryptolitics



pictures of our judges, roshan mirajkar from koin street, sloane barbour from hired dot com, firoze lafeer from breakout capital finance, adi gadwale from capital one, jamie russoe from wework labs


We will have a coach and moderator to help prepare the speakers for their debate. We want a good, clean debate. And maybe a verbal jab or two to spice it up a bit.



  • Aubrey Semple, New York City Urban Debate League



image of murshed

  • Murshed Chowdhury, Capital One



modev, tech in motion, wework labs


Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain


faces of past people

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Past Participants: Kaplan, Blackstone, Capital One, Oath, Noblis, AIS, and more.

Tech Duels™ Washington DC | Blockchain


Tech events primarily focus on education (e.g. workshops) or awareness (e.g. tech talks). With TechDuels, the focus is on fostering debates and discussion around key decision-making processes that influence selection of technologies for specific needs. The first of a series of many such debates, each focusing on key issues for developers, entrepreneurs and technology adopters in this ecosystem.Attendees will get a chance to network with developers and industry veterans in the web development space, and get educated on key issues that need to be addressed for adoption of these technology in real world scenarios.At TechDuels, we’ll put this to debate. Two teams of skilled and opinionated developers will battle on the relative merits of using their application framework of choice given specific criteria.

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