LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum, New York part of the US Road-show

LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum, New York part of the US Road-show

Date(s) - 09/05/2019 - 10/05/2019
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

New York Downtown


The 5th Blockchain Economic Forum gathers high profile economists, politicians and investors to discuss the emergence of the central bank and capital markets based on the blockchain.

Who is attending:
Top economists focused on monetary policy.
Minister and parliament member-level politicians.
Founders of investment funds (100+Bn AUM in the room).
Top foundations focused on Sustainable Development Goals.

New York agenda:

May 9, Thursday
12 pm – 2 pm BizDev meeting

LATOKEN BEF: Capital Markets 2025

3 pm      Registration and welcome coffee
3.30 pm Keynote speech
4 pm      Crowdfunding Market Tokenized
– A million of angel investors worldwide?
– Initial Exchange Security Offering
– Crowdfunding and security regulation
5 pm      VC funds on blockchain exchanges
– Do LPs need liquidity?
– VC Funds’ NAV Real-time Mark to Market?
6 pm      Transborder Security and Money Markets on Blockchain
– Equity, Commodity, Bonds, and Currency
– Stats
– Capital controls
– Access to foreign markets: regulation and infrastructure
7 pm      Cocktail reception
8 pm      Private Dinner: LATOKEN DEX HFT Security and Money Markets

May 10, Friday
11 am – 1 pm BizDev meeting

2 pm      Registration and welcome coffee
2.30 pm Keynote speech
3 pm      Payments and currencies 2025
4 pm      Decentralized Global Currencies and Payment Systems
– Private bank layers vs blockchain currency
– Digital Currencies: Central Bank vs Blockchain
5 pm      Monetary policy for Decentralized Currency
– Algorithms or principles of the currency supply
– The Board and governance for the Monetary Policy
– Use cases for Decentralized Currency
6 pm      Realtime comitionless transborder payments
– Remittances and Corporate transborder payments markets structure evolution
– Do cryptocurrencies gain market share?
7 pm      Cocktail reception
8 pm      Private Dinner: LATOKEN Transborder Payments System
– Custody for stable coins
– Regulation and licenses

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