From Barter to Bitcoin: Learning the Keys to Financial Wellness

From Barter to Bitcoin: Learning the Keys to Financial Wellness

Date(s) - 02/02/2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Smile Herb Shop


Do you hate money?  Do you love money? What is money anyway?  Are there secrets about money that are hidden in plain sight or maybe deep within your consciousness. Thirty-five years ago as an underpaid 5th grade elementary school teacher, Steve set out to understand the world of money such that even a 10-year old could comprehend it. He discovered that the keys to understanding money are not found in mathematics or science; they’re found in stories.

Come and listen to Steve’s top seven stories to understand the world of money, banks, economics and the stock market. Learn the basics of money like you’ve never heard them before.

About the Instructor: Steve Woods is Smile Herb Shop’s Financial Manager and Bookkeeper. At 70, Steve has had a long list of jobs titles. From high school dropout, computer operator, hippy yoga teacher (yes he went to Woodstock), short order cook, housepainter, school teacher, and stay-at-home dad, to author (Float Analysis, Wiley & Sons, 2000) independent stock analyst and radio talk show host on the Tiger Financial News Network. Steve has memories of inventing a ‘better mousetrap’ and having Wall Street beat a path to his door. He has memories of making and losing a ‘fortune’ in the 90’s internet stock bubble. He is also a world renowned technical stock analyst. “I have memories of having Wall Street beat a path to my door and asking to “Acquire me”.

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