Enterprise Blockchain Training : Hyperledger Fabric 2 Day Instructor led Online CDT004

Enterprise Blockchain Training : Hyperledger Fabric 2 Day Instructor led Online CDT004
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Date(s) - 31/01/2019 - 01/02/2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Enterprise Blockchain Training – 2 Day Boot Camp Hyperledger Fabric Technical track CDT004

This Technical Track Training includes free coupon for official Hyperledger Fundamentals Online course from Linux Foundation valued at USD 299. Online Course Content is valid for one year from the date of activation!

ChainDigit is a Hyperledger Foundation general member. All Trainings are conducted by Senior leaders who have practical experience in Hyperledger Fabric based projects and standards. ChainDigit is one of the 5 official  Hyperledger training partners.

“This course could save you 3 to 6 months of self learning time and get you started on  projects immediately”

Course Objective : To provide a solid understanding for leaders and techonologists for Enterprise Blockchain Implementation with focus on Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric, the most used and promising Enterprise grade  Framework globally. Day 1 gives the solid foundation to all the underlying features of Fabric. Day 2 with liberal hands on for set up and usage of SDKs will get you ready for Enterprise projects.

Course Delivery : You interact and learn from experts with 15+ years of experience in implementing complex enterprise systems in leading Fortune 1000 organisations! You benefit from their experience with real Enterprise/B2B  projects in Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Few Student scholarships available. Write to info@chaindigit.com if you are a current student.

Unanimous recommendation from 300+ Alumni

“Hyperledger Fabric deep dive with Chaindigit today. Well setup and delivered at Breather. These guys are really experts in the subject and around the subject… No questions or areas left unturned.” Independent Architect on Linkedin

This was most useful day of my career. Chaindigit team did a phenomenal job of providing handson training . I would strongly recommend this training to those who are interested in DLT” Senior IT Security Architect

“Great intro Hyperledger Fabric, I had been thinking of trying it out myself but never had the time. This session was great in terms getting to know the internals of hyperledger Fabric at macro and micro level. A very interactive collaborative environment with great participants and instructors. I totally enjoyed the company.” Director Telecom

“Fantastic training guys! I will recommend this to anyone who wants to be in know of private enterprise DLT technology!”– Senior Consultant, Global IT advisory

“Excellent training. I had lots of fun learning this new technology!” – Enterprise Architect, Leading Global System Integrator

Course Structure

All Course Material is shared with attendees! AWS instances available for one week for extended learning! Email support for clarifications after the training!

Day 1 course is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

  • Introduction to Distributed Ledger technology & Blockchain, Why is it relevant to Business?
  • Did you know that the components of all frameworks are surprisingly similar?
  • Types of blockchains. Public and Permissioned
  • Which one will you select, when and why? (Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Ripple comparisons)
  • Blockchain use cases and current industry initiatives
  • Learn what the industry is doing and rationale behind using blockchain (Financial Services, Supply Chain, Health Care, Others) . Brief on successful use cases
  • Technical Overview of Hyperledger Fabric
  • Hyperledger Fabric under the hood,  Architecture,  Components, Capabilities. Channels, Endorsement Policies, Chaincode, Privacy and Security (GDPR), What is new in 1.3, Roadmap
  • Hyperledger Composer 
  • What is Composer? How and when to use it?
  • Blockchain in an enterprise – How do you build it?
  • Methodologies to identify Blockchain Projects in an enterprise. Sample reference architecture with explanation of components of Hyperledger implementations

Part 2:

  • Hyperledger Architecture Details
  • How to build your business network for your Industry Value Chain, Consortium or B2B Business
  • How consensus work in Fabric, Transaction Flow, Design considerations
  • Hyperledger APP Demo and Typical End to End Architecture
  • Real Live Demo and insights into how it was built from ground up
  • Fabric Network Setup, What you need to know
  • How to Set up Fabric and components in easy steps: Configuration Files, Steps to bootstrap, setting up organisations and certificates, Channel setup, Peer nodes, ordering service
  • How to  Deploy a Chaincode (Smart Contacts!) 
  • How to automate a business process with a sample smart contract ( creating chaincode )
  • Steps to Deploy Smart Contracts and and testing it live! How to upgrade chaincode, change endorsement policies etc.
  • Additional clarifications, Use Cases

Day 2 is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

  • Architecture Deep Dive 
  • Hyperledger Fabric Architecture Deep Dive 
  • Indepth Details of Hyperledger Fabric network and its components
    • o Peers, Anchor nodes, Gossip Protocol
    • o Ordering service, Solo and Kafka Based
    • o Endorsement policy, How endorsements are handled in Business network
    • o Certificate Authority ( CA ), Transport Layer Security
    • o State : CouchDB, LevelDB and SideDB for Private Data Collections
  • How to use Fabric SDKs
  • SDK Features to interact with the Business Network (Java, Node.js SDKs)
  • Deep Dive into Network Setup and Hands on
  • Creating a network with hands on (config files, Yaml scripts details you need to know)
  • Building a Smart Contract (Chaincode)
  • Step walkthrough of  chaincode example. Hands on creating chaincode (Java, Node.js). 
  • Learn how to deploy, instantiate and invoke chaincodes (excercise)

Part 2:

  • Overview of Hyperledger Fabric SDKs and how to use it to create Services
  • Deep Dive into Hyperledger Fabric SDK to understand how to interact with the network
  • Creating REST APIs to interact with Fabric Network
  • Java SDK based Hyperledger Fabric sample excercise.
  • Environment set up for Hyperledger Fabric SDKs
  • Hands-on implementation of Java SDK application
  • How to use features like event handling etc.
  • Building an End to End Application on Fabric with Hands on
  • Live Demo of how to consume services through thin client (web or mobile)
  • Overview of a reference architecture to consume Hyperledger Fabric using REST APIs.
  • Additional Clarifications, Bring your own use case

Project (self paced : 5 days)

Attendees are encouraged to work on a use case to solidify their learning in one week in their AWS environment provided to them. They will have access to trainers to clarify their doubts as they progress.

AWS Training Environment access for a week to try out and complete your use case and Wifi provided. Bring your laptop

Certificate of Completion.
Become a  practitioner with a good understanding of Hyperledger Frameworks

Who should attend ?

  • Business and technology professionals who wants to learn about Enterprise DLT & Hyperledger Fabric
  • Architects developers, Admins interested in development/deployment fundamentals and Architecture
  • Students with interest and passion to explore careers in Enterprises


  • If you have a passion for the technology , you are at the right place. Understanding of object oriented programming needed for second day hands on session

What’s in it for you ?

  • Know Hyperledger components and architecture in depth
  • Gain foundational knowledge to jump start your  Practitioner journey
  • Gain Hyperledger skills and be geared up for the next generation of enterprise applications
  • Know how to identify usecases for your industry.
  • Basic concepts to design and develop DLT applications using Fabric.
  • Understanding of tools like Composer, Explorer etc. and How to use it.
  • AWS Environment with setup for 5 days to practice and hone what you have learned.
  • Step by Step Guide for Fabric network set up.
  • Comprehensive Course Material for reference.
  • Get the confidence to involve in any project.
  • Certificate of completion from one of the best Hyperledger Trainings in the Industry


Tsvetan Georgiev, CTO and Co Founder, ChainDigit Inc.

Tsvetan is an accomplished Technical and Solution Architect with more than 17 years of experience who has led complex projects resulting in some of the best applications coming out of SAP. He has successfully conducted HyperLedger Fabric trainings and helped start-ups in this space. Tsvetan focuses more on technical hands-on sessions, deep-dive into components of Hyperledger Fabric, design best practises and troubleshooting.

Jimjees Abraham, Chief Solutions Architect & Co Founder, ChainDigit Inc.

Jim brings 15+ years of experience in implementing complex Enterprise solutions to leading organisations like SAP, and has been involved in training and consulting for enterprises in their  journey. Jim focuses more on feasibility analysis for design and development.

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