Digital Currency, FinTech, & Blockchain Investors Live Shark Tank 4 Startups

Digital Currency, FinTech, & Blockchain Investors Live Shark Tank 4 Startups

Date(s) - 14/06/2019
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Alki Starbucks


“OPEN COFFEE” Early Stage StartUp Investors Morning Meeting at the Alki Starbucks from 9am – 11am…

Investors, Angels, and Venture Capitalists Networking Meeting, with Startup CEOs.

Welcome to this “Angel SharkTank” produced by American Angels.

It is importnt to note that our American Angels community in Seattle and SIlicon Valley alone, has seen and done well over $ 150,000,000 in deals last year, but we aim to top that this year.

And we have good reason to believe this, because we are already at the threshold of the $ 90,000,000 mark this year, aiming to go over $150,000,000 in financial transactions for through the Network of the Amercian Angels Startups in SIlicon Valley & Seattle alone — and thus You could also be a Winner and become FUNDED, after You pitch&demo and participate in our Meetings.

We can do amazing things together, becuase we have undertaken the process of democratizing the Crowdfunding process further and further along on the road to make evryone fundable and this is the age of the ICO as we have engaged with many founders and funders to do just that for dozens of StartUps.

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