Certified Hyper-Ledger Fabric Developer (CFDev) Program

Certified Hyper-Ledger Fabric Developer (CFDev) Program

Date(s) - 27/04/2019 - 11/05/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence


About the CFDev Program

This is a hands-on program that will guide the candidates through the concepts of Hyperledger Fabric, while helping them master the back-end programming of this permission Blockchain.

By completing the program, participants will be able to build and deploy Hyperledger single and multi-networks; and query the network. Participants will learn how to write chaincodes (smart contracts) and deploy them to a private cloud instance. They will explore the theory behind public vs. private blockchains and the tokenization of a private Blockchain. They will also understand the dynamics between peer nodes; how permission is granted by opening communication channels between network participants.

This program consists of three weeks intensive training course and one week of group work on a capstone project (Real-Life use cases). You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Course Features:

  • THREE WEEKS intensive training and ONE WEEK capstone project
  • Access to BlockchainHUB incubation program (C-lab) and facilities across the YorkU Campus


  • CBPro certification or Knowledge of blockchain technology and
  • IJS Certification or JavaScript, Node.Js and Go Lang

Course Modules

This program consists of three weeks intensive training course and one week of group work on a capstone project. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Participants must attend all program modules and successfully complete the capstone project and final exam to receive a certificate. Once the certificate is granted, it will be hashed on the Ethereum blockchain and is globally accessible for further verification.

Module1-Intensive Training Module (3 weeks)

Week 1: Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric Development

Hands on installation of Hyperledger Fabric Networks

  • Intro to Blockchains
  • Intro to Hyperledger Permission Blockchains
  • Hyperledger Fabric Architecture & Components
  • Understanding Basic Networks
  • Setting up your Hyperledger environment

Participants will learn the basic concepts underlying most Blockchains. They will understand the evolution of Blockchain from public to private network. The deciding factors behind this evolution, the tokenization of each type of network; the value add of private networks to Enterprises and the Consumer. They will understand the applicability and fit of private blockchains into business models. The focus will then shift to the open source Hyperledger blockchain suit of systems by the Linux Foundation; and then Hyperledger Fabric with IBM.

By the end of the day, participants will have a deep rooted knowledge of the Hyperledger Fabric architecture, components and capabilities.

Week 2: From ideation to Fabric single organization network development

Develop and Deploy a Single Org network and coding Chaincodes (Smart Contracts)

  • Understand, Develop and Deploy Single Organizational Network, MSP, Peer nodes, CA, Docker container, Channels, Admin tool & Private Key set-up
  • Writing, Deploying & Modifying Chaincodes
  • Querying your network

Building on week one, participants will dive into the code behind single-organization networks within a test environment. They will learn how to connect and deploy the network to a Fabric network and will set up the premises for a chaincode run on a single org platform. Participants will learn how to then query the network to accomplish specific operational tasks.

Participants, will spend a significant amount of time coding different type of chaincodes on a single org network.

By the end of the week, participants will understand and practice the process of coding, testing and deploying single org Hyperledger Fabric networks and running smart contracts.

Week 3: From single org network to multi-org networks

  • Understand, Develop and Deploy Multi-org networks
  • Code chaincodes on a multi-org network
  • Cloud Capabilities Demo
  • Adding an organization to an existing network (Add’l material)
  • Connect Business network cards to Fabric network (Add’l material)
  • Mentor assisted capstone project session

Building on the development of the single network, participants will learn how to code and deploy a multi-organization network within a test environment, the components of a multi-organization network, creating multi-CAs, Private Keys and querying the network. They will gauge the difference between a chaincode running within a single org vs. a multi org.

They will learn how to manage business networks; and how to develop applications using REST Server, REST API, the Yeoman Framework, Skeleton Angular and Fabric SDKs.

Module2-Capstone Project Submission (7 days)

Your capstone project is one or more stand-alone chaincodes, or one or more chaincodes on top of a single or multi-org network pushed into github. Participants will have a choice between working on their own chosen project or working on a real Start-up made to order project. It is due one week after finishing the intensive course in addition to the Multiple Choice Questions final exam.

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