Business Remodelling Using Blockchain For SMEs

Business Remodelling Using Blockchain For SMEs

Date(s) - 09/05/2019
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Singapore Post Centre


Course title: Business Remodelling Using Blockchain For SMEs (FOR NON-TECH SAVVY PROFESSIONALS)


With the rapid adoption of Blockchain technology in various industries, it is important to have a basic understanding of Blockchain. This course aims to help any interested business in this new technology, especially PMETs and business owners who want to know how to evolve in this changing landscape. By acquiring fundamental knowledge of Blockchain, participants can learn how to adapt it in their respective industries.


This 1 day course aims to impart the fundamentals of Blockchain, to simplify the technical jargon and explain it in simpler terms, cryptocurrencies (e.g Bitcoin, a major hyped app for Blockchain), smart contracts, ICOs, other uses in various industries ranging from Finance, Property, Insurance, Logistics and Healthcare. Last, but not least, the potential future developments of Blockchain.


Daniel is the senior partner (Strategy) of G&L Chartered Business Consultants Pte Ltd. Daniel is a proactive and articulate investment specialist by training. Daniel holds a bachelor degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore and he is also a certified CMFAS licence holder.

With more than a decade of financial industry and trading experience, Daniel is also a senior trading representative and investment advisor, specialising in Singapore, Hong Kong and U.S equity markets as well as U.S Options. Daniel possesses more than a decade of commercial business experience. He is also a well respected and influential young dynamic business leader.

Daniel had since been awarded 3 national entrepreneurial awards and they are, ‘Successful Entrepreneur Award 2012’, ‘Top 100 Excellence Award 2011/2012’ and ‘Promising SME 500 Award 2012’.

Daniel is the Global Head in charge of global mobility and leads the Technology Innovation and FinTech Division of G&L.

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