Blockchain Training for Innovation Leaders in the Banking Industry

Blockchain Training for Innovation Leaders in the Banking Industry

Date(s) - 15/04/2019 - 17/04/2019
9:00 pm - 5:00 pm



The Blockchain training is designed to provide international bankers and managers out of the financial industry a comprehensive view of relevant blockchain use cases, value propositions and address innovative applications whilst focusing on Infrastructure, Security & Custody requirements in this field. After finishing this program you will be able to move beyond only the potential of the technology but you will have hands-on experience of what can already be achieved.

What to expect:

Historical Developments and problems solved

Explaining the double spending problem and its impact on the current financial infrastructure will lead us the development of bitcoin and the blockchain technology. An overview of the main motivation and problem-solving capacity of blockchain will lead us to the question: how can this new paradigm shake the banking industry?

Deep Dive into technical blockchain fundamentals

The best start to evaluate the potential of something new is to really understand what it does and where it is coming from. In this programme we will look behind the curtain of blockchain technology and give you a clear heads up about the most important technical fundamentals of this new paradigm.

Introduction to the Crypto world and blockchain evolution overview

An overview of the evolution of blockchain technologies with focus on ICO, Banking use cases, Crypto currencies & assets, and highlight how best to improve safety, liquidity, return and sustainability through current developments of Distributed Ledger Technologies covering a selection metric for suitable blockchain platforms.

Blockchain Innovation Modelling and Service Design Thinking

Reviewing new business models based on the blockchain as well as new business models within the banking and financial industry will give us a good understanding of new market forces and developments in the upcoming years. We will also discuss the possibilities how to set up a blockchain innovation project.

Token Economics and Security Token Offerings (STOs)

Explores the rise of token sales, how they became popular and how they differ from traditional funding sources. Attendees will become familiar with token classifications and learn about the variety of possibilities to design a token sale and its economics behind it.

Smart contracts building blocks

An in-depth journey into blockchain implementation. It explores how to perform installations of permissioned blockchain deployment and the implications of running and maintaining a distributed private ledger architecture. Attendees begin exploring how to write simple smart contract logic and learn about the fundamental pieces of a smart contract.

Blockchain driven Financial Market Infrastructure

Demonstrate how Blockchain will help to modernize Payments, Clearing & Settlement and explore suitable approaches to address concerns such as lack of timeliness, reliability and efficiency which are still pertinent. This session will introduce a future banking infrastructure related to payment channels and OTC cryptoassetswap.

Blockchain  use cases in Banknig – Deep-dives

•   Interbank transfers and peer-to-peer payments

•   Crypto Shares, Crypto Vault and Crypto Bank

•   Blockchain based Marketplace for Bond issuers, investors & service providers

•   Trade Finance, loans, derivatives, collateral & digital Cash

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