Blockchain & Crypto for Banking Industry (April)

Blockchain & Crypto for Banking Industry (April)

Date(s) - 04/04/2019 - 05/04/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm



The Blockchain Strategy Programme is designed to provide Business Leaders a comprehensive view of relevant use cases, value propositions and address innovative applications whilst focusing on Infrastructure, Security & Custody requirements.


What to expect:

Introduction to the Crypto World and Blockchain Evolution Overview

An overview of the evolution of Blockchain technologies with focus on ICO, Banking use cases, Crypto currencies & assets, and highlight how best to improve safety, liquidity, return and sustainability through current developments of Distributed Ledger Technologies covering a selection metric for suitable Blockchain Platforms.

Blockchain driven Financial Market Infrastructure

Demonstrate how Blockchain will help to modernize Payments, Clearing & Settlement, and explore suitable approaches to address concerns such as lack of timeliness, reliability and efficiency which are still pertinent.

Crypto Currencies & Assets – Regulatory Landscape

Understand the KYC, FATCA & AML obligations of various jurisdictions with reference to regulatory views and framework developments around the globe. Explore the role of regulators & service providers covering:

  • Fintech
  • Sovereignty
  • Value exchanges

Innovation & Security

Each participant receives a new Ledger Nano-s or Trezor wallet to execute a Crypto transfer, verify transactions on the Blockchain, and recover the e-wallet with a recovery seed to a tamper resistant dongle. The corporate variants of tamper proof storage will be discussed and demonstrated.

Crypto Vault & Storage – Swisscom Digital Asset Custody Platform

Participants explore pro & cons of the current state of the art around hot/cold storage appliances including advanced elements such as digital Air-Gapping, High Secure Environment, Faraday Cage, Hardware Security Modules and professional banking infrastructure hosting.

The Role of Banking Authorities and Paths to Blockchain adoption

Address business disruption across Investment Banking, Private Banking & Retail space with insights into Banks current take and progress to date.

The Institutional Strategies & Cooperation with Regulators

The course closes with a focus on the approach taken by leading banks to extend services covering crypto currencies with discussion on holding risk and accounting challenges. The topic concludes with best practice on how best to draft a communication strategy.

Blockchain Use Cases in Banking – PoC Deep Dive

Subject to client preferred Use Cases and Scenarios

  • Interbank transfers and peer-to-peer payments
  • Crypto Shares, Crypto Vault and Crypto Bank
  • Utility Settlement Coin
  • Blockchain based Marketplace for Bond issuers, investors & service providers
  • Trade Finance, loans, derivatives, Collateral & digital Cash
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
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