Blockchain 4 Business

Blockchain 4 Business

Date(s) - 16/02/2019
10:30 am - 2:30 pm

1629 K Street Northwest


Blockchain technology is going to change the way we do business. Variations of blockchain technology have existed for decades, but the recent hype is the result of a new kind of blockchain, one that distributes the responsibility of verifying transactions and thereby making it more secure, transparent, and enduring.

Our course series will be small, intimate and engaging and in our first course series we will give specific ways businesses that are in healthcare, real estate, internet advertising, financial, and retail are currently changing and how early adopters can actual make a difference in their industries. This course is perfect for entrepreneurs that are interested in starting a blockchain-business within these specific industries. Our courses will cover 15 industries total, and each course will cover the 5.

In the course project, you will design a theoretical blockchain for a company, outlining advantages and disadvantages of the properties you will think the blockchain should have based on the unique aspects of your business. This workshop you can expect to learn basic blockchain technology, what’s going on now, and how to start a business/project or protect your business in the 15 industries that are currently being interrupted.¬† This workshop will give you actual strategies to implement immediately.

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